West Park Church - 巴士路线时间表

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9:15-10:06 am 巴士(10站)接人到教堂,巴士路线与时间 




Bus Stops



1 1F Fanshawe D building 9:10am 9:15am
2 2K Kipps Lane Apartments Entrance, Westbound (750 Kipps Lane) 9:22am 9:23am
3 3K King’s College 9:27am 9:28am
4 4M Masonville mall by the Bay 9:34am 9:35am
5 5A Alumni Hall 9:38am 9:39am
6 6P Platts Lane/Trott Bus station Southbound 9:43am 9:44am
7 7C Cherryhill Mall main Entrance 947am 9:48am
8 8P 575 Proudfoot Front Door 9:52am 9:53am
9 9C Bus stop on east side of road at COSTCO – the bus is going North on Wonderland. 9:57am 9:57am
10 10L Wonderland & Sarnia (Bus Stop at Southeast corner) 10:01am 10:02am
11 0C West Park Church 10:06am