West Park Church - Beliefs


We believe that . . .

• The Bible, including both the Old and New Testaments, is inspired by God, is without error, and is our foundation for faith and practice.

• God is one infinite and eternal Spirit, who exists in three persons, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

• Jesus Christ, the Son of God, is the divine person who has taken on humanity and is, therefore, the God-man. He accomplished God’s plan of salvation through his life, death, resurrection, and exaltation.

• The Holy Spirit is a divine person who regenerates and applies to us the benefits of salvation.

• Men and women are the creation of God and are made in his image. They inherit the sin of the first man, Adam, reject God and his will, and are, as a consequence, declared to be unrighteous and subject to eternal condemnation.

• Salvation is the activity of God in providing for man’s rescue from eternal condemnation. Salvation was accomplished when Christ bore our sin on the cross. Each person must personally accept Jesus Christ as his or her Lord and Saviour through faith.

• Eternal salvation is applied to individuals who respond to Jesus Christ and his accomplishments, in repentance and faith.

• The local church is a group of baptized believers banded together for worship, fellowship, discipleship, and outreach.

• Satan exists as an evil personality, the originator of sin, the archenemy of God and man.

• Jesus Christ will return visibly, personally, and bodily; he will reign literally on earth for a thousand years before the ultimate destruction of this present creation and the subsequent establishment of a new heaven and a new earth; and the unrighteous will be resurrected to eternal condemnation, and the righteous in Christ will be resurrected to eternal life.

• The two ordinances of the church are first, baptism by immersion upon profession of faith in Jesus Christ; and second, the Lord’s Supper, in remembrance of our Saviour’s death and resurrection.