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Global Outreach (GO) exists to fulfill the mission of West Park Church to expand God’s kingdom, in God’s power, by making disciples, planting and equipping local churches, and practically demonstrating the love of God in areas beyond our local mission.


  • Increase the participation of our people in West Park’s GO initiatives so they are intelligently informed, joyfully giving, and faithfully praying.
  • Focus our support.
  • Finance, to a significant level, a manageable number of global partners (missionaries).
  • Identify West Park members who should be encouraged, equipped, sent, and supported significantly as our first priority global partners.


  • Church planting and church equipping.
  • Support ministries, compassion and development, and short-term missions that seek to plant, build, and work alongside local churches.


  • Canada – Quebec, First Nations, various ethnic groups, post-secondary, and secondary schools.
  • The 10/40 window.
  • Unreached people groups.
  • Areas at risk.
  • Fruitful areas around the globe.


  • Our church leadership is committed to maintaining or increasing our level of financial support to each of our global partners, at least during each term of service, through the West Park Church budget.  Our GO Team makes annual recommendations regarding who should be supported and at what levels.  Our congregation is encouraged to give sacrificially to provide funding for our global partners.


  • Our congregation is encouraged to pray regularly for our global partners.  A West Park Prayer Guide is provided each month, which includes prayer items and praise reports from our global partners.  Global partner mail files (at the end of our church mail file system) contain update letters and prayer cards.


  • Jim & Ruth Andrews | SEND | Canadian Office
  • K. A. | Pioneers | Asia
  • Gerrit & Sue Blok | New Life Prison Ministry | Canada
  • Dave & Martina Brubacher | SEND | Russia
  • N. & C. | Southeast Asia
  • Fred & Charlotte Evans | Living Word Ministries | First Nations
  • Dave and Cathy Foster | SIM | South Africa
  • John & Lise Francis | Fellowship International | Honduras
  • Mike & Deanna Gaudaur | AIM |Canada
  • Nova Gayle | SIM | Zambia
  • Dave & Colleen Hunt | Partners International | Canadian Office
  • George & Karen King | ABWE | UK
  • Ryan & Ashley Kreuzer | Power to Change-Students | University of Waterloo
  • Jake & Lillian Leyenaar | SEND | Canadian Office
  • Kelley | P2C | Canada
  • David & Rose Prince | TEAM | Spain
  • Toe-Blake & Linda Roy | BLF Canada | Quebec
  • Mike & Mary-Lou Rummey | ABWE | Romania
  • Scott Stein | Prepared to Answer | Canada
  • D. & S. | ABWE | Mediterranean Region
  • John & Jackie Taylor | ABWE | Ukraine
  • Tony & Clara Vanderlaan | Avant | Canadian Office
  • Lyle & Betty Wilton | AIM | Canadian Office/Africa
  • Jon & Elaine Winter | SEND | Japan


  • A Global Partnership Team (GPT) provides the people of West Park Church with an opportunity to be directly involved in a particular global partner’s life and work.  Through communication with the global partner, prayer for them and their work, and other creative efforts, the GPT will assist and encourage the global partner.  The GPT can also serve as an advocate for the global partner to the West Park congregation and help host them when they visit West Park.
  • A GPT can consist of people who are part of an existing LifeGroup, a Bible study group, a special interest group, or even one family or individual who would like to come alongside a particular global partner.  Each GPT will have a leader who will help organize and coordinate the activities of that team to uniquely serve their global partner.  It would be helpful if the team leader is one who already has a trusted relationship with the global partner.

If you have questions about our global outreach initiatives or would like to get involved, please contact the church office at (519) 471-7460 or by email.

Kevin Norcross

Pastor of Next Generation and Outreach



Kevin is excited about his new role at West Park as Pastor of Next Generation and Outreach. He has a love for the local church and a desire to see the church strengthened and built up.  Having studied at Summit Pacific College and Master’s College and Seminary, he has a Bachelor of Theology specializing in leadership from Calgary Leadership Training Centre and has had the privilege of serving in church ministry for 19 years including student ministries, leadership development, preaching and leading worship, as well as leading several mission trips to places such as Latvia, and Hong Kong.  In his spare time, Kevin enjoys spending family time with his wife Kylie and their three children, Kaden, Jayla and Mekhi. 

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